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Real Estate Exclusive Pack #2 – 10 articles

  • 10 unique articles per pack
  • Minimum 1200 words per article
  • Minimum 3 images per article
  • Exclusive License (Only sold once)


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Included Titles

  1. Buying a House: What Are the Different Steps
  2. Buying or selling an annuity: advantages and rules
  3. Real Estate: All about the Right of Preemption
  4. What are the grounds for evicting a tenant
  5. Real estate construction: when and how to apply for a permit
  6. Guaranteeing a Tenant: Our Advice before Doing So
  7. Investing in Real Estate in the United States: The 10 Most Profitable States
  8. Why would investing in a second home be a smart investment
  9. Real Estate: the documents to provide for a thorough rental application
  10. Building permit or prior declaration of works: what to choose?

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